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Gamification In Serious Games

If you’re in services, for most businesses that will be your clients, the key objective is not to educate or entertain, but to change behaviour. If you’re developing your own product, influencing how users react to and interact with your product is probably top of mind. Enter behavioural science.
In early 2019, Serious About Games held a workshop with game developers and design professionals on behavioural science: Organisations around the world are embracing the discipline, and games and gamification fit into the behavioural science toolbox. Sebastian Thompson of Gravity Ideas facilitated the session, which looked to help participants articulate the value proposition of gamification to their clients, using behavioural science tools and techniques.

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Success with Serious Games

There have been many articles and papers addressing the design of serious games to be effective at teaching, both from a more academic perspective and from designers’ experiences. Serious About Games has been more interested in exploring how local studios can build consistent revenue streams from serious games – with working use cases a critical factor in securing repeat business, of course. With the Serious About Games case studies, we wanted to give insight into the business case for serious games as well as what it takes to produce and deploy them effectively. Our approach was to interview a studio and their client for a flagship serious games product, looking at what motivated the client to commission a serious game (as opposed to other media / approaches), how the process was managed, and lessons learned by both parties.

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