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Fear Of Heights


Together, ArcelorMittal and Sea Monster developed the game Fear of Heights, a virtual reality experience meant to test user’s ability to work at heights. Specifically, these tests determine if the user has a fear of heights. Placing the employee in a virtual world where they virtually experience working at height, eliminates the safety hazards that accompanied the previous methods of assessment that required actually having employees perform tasks at heights. Using the virtual environment, employees are able to fail without consequence.

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Given long standing economic inequities and a rapid recent rise in the middle-class, many South Africans lack the knowledge and experience of financial management. Formal financial education programs are absent from many secondary schools, many young adults are forced to learn from informal sources, including friends and family. However, generations of South Africans have had little need for financial management, given limited opportunities to build personal economic capital. With increasing economic opportunities, the youth of South Africa increasingly needs some basic knowledge to manage their finances properly.

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Space Museum


In this digital age people receive and respond to information in different ways. Interactive solutions, such as games, are an effective way to both teach people, and to address sensitive issues. David Cosham, Newangle’s Design Director, expressed that games are an effective medium to convey these messages to a variety of audiences, transcending age boundaries. While traditional museums passively show visitors information, games allow for engagement with the information. This engagement allows museum visitors to more easily retain information.

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Team C4

In countries such as India and the Philippines, outsourcing is a flourishing industry. According to Gareth Pritchard CEO of BPESA, there are over 1.3 million workers in the outsourcing industry in the Philippines alone. The industry consists of call centres who are contracted by large corporations such as Amazon and Google. Business process outsourcing is a fairly new industry in South Africa, but it is growing fast. In 2014, only 20,000 employees were in their call centres, indicated G. Pritchard. This number has since risen to around 215,000 today, but there is still potential to expand the industry.


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