Serious About Games


  • How many ideas can we enter?

    Maximum of 3 ideas per team.

  • Who is running Serious About Games?

    Serious About Games is a community to promote the development of serious games in the Western Cape, and ultimately across South Africa.

  • I’m in Joburg, can I enter?

    Yes, but you need to team up with people based in the Western Cape.

  • I am not South African, but I am living in the Western Cape. Can I enter?

    Yes, but you need to team up with South Africans based in the Western Cape.

  • What types of skills do you want to see on our team?

    Your team needs to have the technical skills to deliver a game in a tight timeframe, but just as important is that you have the people on your team that can help you create and deliver relevant content. Urban planners, active community members, translators… all could be interesting additions to your team.

  • Can I add people to my team later?

    Yes, but these additions should be specified in your submission.

  • Where can we get the data points we need?

    Attend our events and visit the resources page on this website.

  • What does good data look like, and how does the quality of your data get measured?

    The data points we are looking for:

    • Demographic data
    • Challenges
    • New solutions
  • How does the data need to be presented?

    In an excel spreadsheet.

  • How frequently do you want us to report on the data?

    Every 3 months, for 2 years.

  • What is the data going to be used for?

    The Department of Economic Development and Tourism is part of an innovation forum that is constantly looking for new ideas and solutions for socio-economic challenges, to see whether implementing them would enable the department to cost-effectively improve service delivery. Should a solution be viable and a Department/ organisation/ business wish to implement, they would look to involve the user who identified the game, where possible and appropriate.

  • How many people do we need to reach?

    Your business plan should account for the game to have a lifespan of two years, and in that time you should aim to reach an audience of 5000 unique users.

  • Who is the target market for the game?

    Young men and women (18-35) in poor communities in the Western Cape.

  • Can we focus on one community or geographic area?

    Yes, for the pilot, but the game should be scalable or replicable in other neighbourhoods and communities over time.

  • How long should the game be?

    You can decide, based on the resources (including hardware, data, time) that the target users have.

  • What platforms can we use to develop the game?

    You may select whichever platform you believe will reach the target market effectively. You will need to justify your choice

  • Does the game need to be open source?

    No, but consideration must made for the long-term financial sustainability if it is not open source.

  • Can we use open source software or art to develop the game?

    Absolutely, but we will expect to see original design and use.

  • Who owns the IP?

    You will own the IP, but the data outputs will be owned by the Cape Innovation and Tech Initiative.

  • What are the competition rules?

    Access competition rules here: Competition Rules – Serious About Games


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